Sunday, 19 September 2010

Half a stone in half the time

I have to begin this post with a confession: the title isn't exactly accurate.  In fact, it was actually a ninth of the time it took for two family members I live with, on a low-fat plan from a popular British slimming club, to lose half a stone.  But half and half sounds snappier.

Since New Year's Day, my mum and her boyfriend have been on a low-fat plan, and I have to admire their perseverance.  You know how many people start diets and then don't stick to them.  While the food from the books hasn't always been without flavour, I don't agree with the lack of fat, I don't agree with all the starch and I don't agree with the polyunsaturated oils they use for frying.

Anyway, I didn't start out with exact weight measurements as I know that weight can fluctuate throughout the day.  Recently, I've realised that I've lost a noticeable amount of excess fat, and can now fit into my smaller suit jacket (bought back when I didn't know what my measurements were - my size was a 48R, this jacket being a 46).  Out of curiosity, I weighed myself.

When I took a recent measurement, I was 17½.  This week, that has dropped to just below 17.

This follows three weeks of fatty meat, cheese, and green vegetables, fried in butter.  No pasta, no bread and very few potatoes.  All of which tend to find their way into the meals of the others in my house.

I don't know about you...I think my approach might be more effective. 

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