Saturday, 28 August 2010


MIPWID (which stands for Meat Is Prized, Wheat Is Despised) is my very own paleo blog.  I use it for recording my progress at living a paleo-influenced lifestyle, and the benefits to my weight and health.  I also post here my thoughts on nutrition and healthcare - both conventional and alternative.

I was originally going to call the blog Against The Grain, but that's already been taken by another paleo blog.  Meat Is Prized, Wheat Is Despised was going to be the sub-title anyway, so I shortened it to the catchier MIPWID. 

Since I came across the paleolithic community earlier this year, I've been fascinated at the reasoning and science behind it, as well as the results people have been getting.  I've always appreciated different ways of looking at things, and paleo advocates definitely look at the world of nutrition in a way that's different from official advice, but is backed by common sense and good science.

I hope that MIPWID can add to the community in the way that PāNu, Feed The Animal, Girl Gone Primal and all the others do - by offering a strong insight into paleo matters, thoughts to mull over, and entertaining reading.  I get a lot of pleasure from reading these blogs, because they encourage me to explore new ways of living and things to think about.  I'm hoping to give the same pleasure back.

Incidentally, I should warn you - there may be swearing ahead.

Let the good times roll.

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